Paranormal romance "Love Bites: When a Werewolf Loves a Vampire" by author Joanna Morgan.

When Love Bites: A Howling Good Romance Inspired By Real Life Quirks.

Dear fellow readers and seekers of love in the extraordinary,

Author Joanna Morgan here! Today, I am thrilled to unveil the strange real-life inspiration behind my latest paranormal romance novel, Love Bites: When A Werewolf Loves a Vampire. Buckle up, for this is no ordinary love story. It’s a tale of action, humor, and undeniable passion, borne from the peculiarities of my own marriage and the allure of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Picture this: It all began one cozy movie night when Mr. & Mrs. Smith, starring the infamous Brangelina, graced our screen. Their chemistry was undeniable, their action-packed dynamic, mesmerizing. And amidst the chaos of bullets and passion, an idea struck me—what if this story was a paranormal romance instead? How cool would that be?

Inspiration knows no bounds, and as fate would have it, my own life offered up some whimsical inspiration. You see, my husband and I are as different as night and day, or should I say–as different as a werewolf and a vampire??

Yes, you read that right. Allow me to explain.

My husband, the epitome of strength and ruggedness, often finds himself humorously compared to a werewolf. Mostly by me, lol. It’s not that he transforms during full moons—no, it’s much simpler. He is remarkably strong, delightfully hairy, never seems to get sick, and heals rapidly from injury. And oh, did I mention he’s a walking furnace? The man radiates heat like a bonfire on a winter’s night at all times. Which is fantastic for me, since I’m always cold…

If he’s the werewolf, then I’m the vampire, or so we jest. My pale skin turns red in the sun, refusing to tan. My preference for spending time indoors engrossed in books and writing further feeds the theory. To top it off, I had a memorable phase when I was literally allergic to sunlight, courtesy of some medication I took for my migraines. I turned red, got itchy, and blistered after less than half an hour of exposure. I literally burned in the sun.

Thankfully I’m on a different med and no longer allergic to the sun, but that’s how the seeds of Love Bites were sown. Two beings from opposite worlds, brought together by fate, living under the veil of human disguise, and madly in love. But, ah, the secret they each hold—the secret of their true nature.

As their story unfolds, the line between reality and the supernatural blurs, and hilarity ensues as they attempt to conceal their extraordinary selves. Picture a werewolf trying not to howl during a full moon or a vampire attempting to discreetly quench their thirst for a sip of crimson liquid. Trust me; laughter is guaranteed!

Yet, beneath the humor lies a deeply romantic undercurrent, as our star-crossed lovers navigate the complexities of their relationship. Their hearts beat as one, but their races have a history of loathing each other, adding tension and conflict to their fated love.

Love Bites delves into the theme of acceptance and confronting prejudice. Both protagonists must learn to embrace their true selves and, more importantly, find the courage to embrace each other unconditionally. It is a tale of conquering fear and choosing love, no matter the obstacles.

As I wrote this romance, I marveled at how our own quirks and eccentricities had influenced the characters’ lives. To be sure, my husband and I have never faced the true dilemmas of werewolves and vampires, but the essence of our bond and our individual quirks lent its magic to the pages of this novel.

So, dear readers, as you delve into the depths of Love Bites, remember that truth can indeed be stranger than fiction. For in the heart of this paranormal romance, lies a love story inspired by a real couple’s quirks. The inspiration from Mr. & Mrs. Smith just gave me the framework for love to conquer all.

Love Bites: When A Werewolf Loves a Vampire is only available to read on the YONDER reading app, but you can read it for free with new user coins and daily unlocks!

Here’s to love’s ability to bite us in the most extraordinary ways, causing us both pleasure and pain and leaving us forever changed by its sweet sting.

Happy reading, and may your hearts find their own extraordinary love!

With love and fangs,


P.S. I hope you enjoy reading Love Bites as much as I enjoyed writing it. Remember, love conquers all—even hairy howls and bloodthirsty cravings!