Elemental water and elemental fire in an elemental love story.

Before Pixar’s “Elemental”, there was the elemental romance, “Burn”.

In the trailer of Elemental, we see a realm where the inhabitants embody the very essence of the four elements: fire, earth, water, and air. They coexist harmoniously within the vibrant and bustling metropolis known as Element City, purposefully designed to cater to the distinct requirements of each elemental type.

Amidst this enchanting cityscape, we’re introduced to two characters. Wade, an ethereal water entity, and Ember, a spirited embodiment of fire brought to life. It is evident from the start that their elements clash, rendering them unable to physically connect, an unfortunate predicament.

The movie sounds good, and I am 100% going to take my kids with me to see it as soon as possible, because I love elemental magic and romance. 🙂

Fire and Water Have a Meet-Cute in Burn

But before Pixar’s Elemental, there was Burn, a fiery paranormal romance novel featuring two opposite protagonists in a world of elemental powers, that also explores the dynamics of elemental powers and the complexities of love. That, however, is where similarities end.

Brooke, a human with latent water powers, and Levi, a fire elemental warrior sent to fight chaos, accidentally run into each other on the street. The way their paths cross seems almost too coincidental, leaving readers to wonder if there might be a hidden force at play. (Hmmm…) Undeniable and immediate chemistry sparks between them.

Opposites Attract

Burn delves into the intriguing dynamics between Brooke and Levi. Through a plan they’ve hatched to lure the enemy in and kill them once and for all, Levi & Brooke get to know each other and get closer, emotionally and physically, with every day that passes. Brooke is a calming influence on Levi, whose emotions, especially anger and passion, run too close to the surface. Levi ignites feelings in Brooke she’s never had before. Or has, but these are so much hotter.

But they have a lot to overcome before they can be together, the least of which is their opposite elements. A dangerous shadowy group attacks & kills humans with elemental powers. Relationships between elementals and humans are forbidden by the leaders of the elemental race. The disapproval of Levi’s commander further complicates their relationship. Levi is having trouble controlling his powers, adding another layer of complication and danger to their story. Not to mention that the existence of elementals & their enemies is completely unknown to the human heroine.

An Adult Elemental Love Story

I think if you like the ideas and themes in Pixar’s Elemental, you will definitely like Burn. But make no mistake, this is definitely an adult paranormal romance book. It features steamy love scenes, with the door all the way open. 😉 (Fire, water, steamy? 😀)

If you read Burn and enjoy it, there are more books in the series for each of the elements. Rise is an elemental romance about air, Crush is an elemental romance about earth, and so on.

Through the plots and the vividly depicted romance of my elemental romance books, I attempt to deliver a poignant message: love possesses an elemental power of its own, capable of transforming lives and the world around us. It serves as a reminder that love has the potential to bridge divides, dissolve differences, and ignite a flame of hope even in the darkest of times.

And perhaps even—to save the world.

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