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Welcome to my enchanting corner of the internet!

Hello, dear readers!

I’m paranormal romance author Joanna Morgan! I’m thrilled to connect with fellow romance enthusiasts, seekers of extraordinary love stories, and believers in the power of happily ever afters. As a wife to either a werewolf or a werebear (not sure which yet), a work-from-home mom to two incredible girls, and two rescue cats, my world is filled with love, warmth, and a touch of mystical charm.

In my writing, I explore the realms of both paranormal and contemporary fantasy romance. Within these captivating genres, I embark on journeys of both love and adventure, crafting tales of excitement, danger, and always, the undeniable power of true love.

Prepare to be whisked away on extraordinary adventures where hidden powers are unveiled and love conquers all. Within my stories, you’ll encounter an enchanting array of characters: vampires, shifters, elementals, and other mesmerizing paranormal creatures, each carrying their own secrets and hidden abilities. These hidden worlds intertwine with passion and desire, inviting readers to lose themselves in an intoxicating dance of forbidden love and irresistible attraction that transcends reality.

In my books, I embrace timeless romance themes such as soul mates, fated mates, destined bonds, all with a paranormal or fantastical twist. My books offer an escape into a world where love defies expectations and souls find their destined connection. Whether you’re seeking a heart-pounding paranormal romance or a captivating contemporary fantasy, my aim is to transport you to realms where love defies logic and souls are destined to unite. Where extraordinary love stories unfold, and the magic of romance reigns supreme. Love, after all, knows no boundaries and conquers all.

With a heart that’s empathetic and tender, I pour these qualities into my writing, infusing my stories with genuine emotions and relatable experiences. While I am an eternal optimist, I also believe in portraying the complexities of life with a realistic touch. My books resonate with readers who believe in the transformative nature of love.

So, whether you seek the intricate layers of poignant romance, or the intoxicating allure of a steamy encounter, you’ll find yourself immersed in stories that will leave your heart racing and your soul longing for more. From soul-stirring and emotionally charged tales, to steamy love scenes, there’s something here for every romance reader.

Welcome to a world where dreams and passion collide, and the lines of reality are blurred—the realm of Joanna Morgan romance. Let the journey begin!